Despite a constant threat of otherworldly beasts, Dahll-Larssøn’s novel is endlessly amusing, thanks to the insolent but charming protagonist.
— Kirkus Reveiw

Rented Souls is a horror/comedy, set in a world not entirely unlike ours – albeit, with one key difference.
The supernatural is real. It’s coming for all of us. Demonic forces, vampires, little brown men with hooves for feet – it’s all there. Coming at us from a place beyond our own little corner of existence. A place called the Ether, where other, weirder planes of reality stretch into forever. There’s no war. Not yet. But there’s skirmishes – little insurrections from out of our bounds; Ethereal creatures that come crawling at us in the night, out of the safe spaces of our homes and hearths.

But we’ve been fighting back. We’ve established an agency; a great, interconnected web of people from all walks of life, all of whom are fighting back against the paranormal menace. They are here to explore. To learn. To protect. Brave women and men, fighting to keep our world safe from the harms of Ethereal infestation. Rented Souls centres on one such agent. A man named Dwarf – a very common man; short, balding, chubby – who gets thrown into this world of the bizarre. Now, alongside the oddly-named agents Swayze, Book, Lamp and Dove, and their mysterious director, King, he must find his way in the maze of the otherworldly… or be lost to it forever.

Praise for Rented Souls

Often perplexing, but delivers an immortal hero and an original world worth a second or third visit.
— Kirkus Reveiw
I was engrossed in the fast and furious fight scenes, naturally rooting for the earthlings to best the foes. The fighting was truly edge-of-my-seat suspense all the way.
— Miriam Molina,
Rented Souls is not all about monsters, battle scenes, and reincarnation; this novel can penetrate to the core of a reader’s beliefs, relationships, and perspective on the world at large.
— John Staughton, Self-Publishing Reveiw
The joy of RENTED SOULS comes from the way it embraces the silliness of its premise. Dwarf is cursed with quite possibly the worst super power ever. Monsters are often deliberately designated by the Agency with demeaning names. And then there’s agent Swayze, a bare-chested, axe-wielding agent sprouting a magnificent mullet. Dahll-Larssøn pulls off a neat trick here: by presenting his protagonists as eccentric, he makes them feel more human. Then, when things start going terrifyingly, spectacularly wrong, the reader suddenly finds himself invested in the fate of these characters.
— Danijel Štriga, IndieReader
Reading this book was a delight and left me wanting more.
— Miriam Molina,
If you like weird, the good kind of weird, this book will not disappoint
— Dawn H. Hawkes, Author
Dwarf is like no other protagonist in recent memory.
— John Staughton, Self-Publishing Reveiw
There are truly inspired moments, from elaboration on Dwarf’s newfound immortality to UCIA weaponry derived more from faith than physical hardware.
— Kirkus Reveiw
The monsters are definitely scary and vicious, and the gore (human and alien blood of all colors) expected by horror aficionados splatters the pages lavishly. But the horror is happily counterbalanced by the humorous narration of our main protagonist, Agent Dwarf. Dwarf tells the story from what he calls a vertically and soulfully challenged perspective, which is effectively hilarious.
— Miriam Molina,

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