(NOTE: all info on this page is subject to change)

  • Currently in progress is a trilogy of character-centric fantasy novels, collectively titled This Is Where I Leave You.
  • They are all being written as one lengthy story arc, later to be edited into three parts. 
  • The first volume is called The Exile March.  
  • The second is named Her Demon's Soul
  • The third and final volume will be called A Nameless Song.
  • Eirik is also working on the second book of the Rented Souls-series.
  • In the works is also a horror-novel called Grant Us Eyes, about an old house, and a machine that talks to God.
  • After all this, Eirik might make a return to science-fiction with the post-apocalyptic tale Granite Clouds - a story about killer robots, derelict trains, and rather a lot of walking.