Review round-up and other news

Rented Souls has recently been picking up some steam in the media and garnering a fair number of excellent reveiws and recognition along the way.

Rented Souls Lead Story Badge.png

First out was IndieReader, who gave the book 4/5 stars, recognizing it as -IndieReader Approved-, stating: "Post the sticker proudly, knowing that your title was judged by top industry professionals—not as merely a great indie book—but as great book, period.". As a result of the great review Rented Souls also made it into the HuffingtonPost as a part of the IndieReader’s Best Books of the Month roundup list, and last but not least, Eirik will be featured in the "All About the Book + Author” IndieReader interview feature, which is posted bi-weekly to the IR site (date tba).  


Second out just a few days later was the OnlineBookClub that gave the book a 3/4 star rating, summizing that "Fans of horror stories and those who enjoy a good laugh will have many hours of fun with this book", and "Reading this book was a delight and left me wanting more. ".

Last out for now was the Self-Publishing Reveiw, rating the book to be a 4 ½ /5 stars. Saying that "Dwarf is like no other protagonist in recent memory.". There will also be a shorter "10-Question interveiw" with Eirik coming on their Social Media (date tba).