A complex, moving tale.
— Celina Cuadro, Bookideas.com

In the Seraphim City is Eirik's debut novel. It is set in a futuristic and fantastical city: a layered and labyrinthine nightmare of precarious ruins and toxic fumes, topped with a floating island in the sky. 

The plot centers around the murder of a prolific political activist, Ian Allant; and Theodore Donovan, the man set to find his killer. It travels from the very peak of the city to its darkest depths, and Theodore's search for truth quickly becomes far more complicated than he ever could have anticipated. 

Praise for In the Seraphim City

I recommend it to all readers who like an intriguing mystery and love well thought-out characters.
— Celina Cuadro, Bookideas.com
[...] packed with genre-crossing methods which inject a crime and mystery elements into what appears to be a straightforward sci-fi read about a dysfunctional future society.
— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
[...] the author had a very clear grasp of his world and his characters.
— Inga Langfeldt, Zombie-fighting ninja-librarian
[...] reflects the nuances of our present human condition with great skill.
— Celina Cuadro, Bookideas.com
I never felt a break in the pace - I would read through one tension-filled mental perspective after another, then the author would punch it with a riot, a gunfight, or a chase, and it would spur me on to keep reading till the end.
— Celina Cuadro, Bookideas.com

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